Workshop Type: Hybrid (Online & Offline, depending on the number of registrations)
Registration Form:
The course instructors are Al Sadik and Muhtasim Ibteda.
They both will show you how to use essential tools of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop and teach you basic to advanced level concepts. You will learn how to use vectors to add elegance to your logos and leverage good branding to help businesses flourish.
Then you will learn about photomontage and study the fundamentals of image size and resolution. You will learn how to apply transformations to portray anything you want. A project will be given, and at the end of this course, after completing the project, a virtual certificate will be issued as well.
Registration Fees:
1. For IEEE CS IUB members, no fees will be charged; it will be free for them.
2. For IUB Students / IEEE IUB members the fees will be 50 Taka
3. For IEEE members of other universities, the fees will be 80 Taka
4. For non-IEEE members, the fees will be 100 Taka
Content Credit: Mahmuda Nizam Subha
Cover Design: Muhtasim Ibteda